Tuesday, March 8, 2011

international women's day

Today, International Women's Day, I think it's important to recognize the College's role in the promotion and liberation of women through education. Here, in one of the poorest areas of Latin America, the UAC-CP is dedicated to the social and economic success of both men and women.

Ecotourism students take an English exam.

When UAC-CP founder Sr. Damon Nolan first arrived to Carmen Pampa in the early 1980s, she was appalled at the unequal and limited educational opportunities for girls and women. There were no women studying at the local high school.  So, her first step was to convince fathers to let their daughters study. Her first year she succeeded in getting four young women ("Bathrooms," Sr. Damon admits, "were a challenge!")

When the idea of the College came to fruition, Sr. Damon made sure it was understood that it would be an institution of higher learning for men and women to receive equal opportunities. Now, 28 years after girls were first admitted to the local high school and 17 years after the founding of the College, we are thrilled that more than half of the College's study body is composed of women. In fact, 52 percent of UAC-CP graduates are women--many of whom have gone on to continuing studies (two female UAC-CP graduates are currently doctoral candidates).

Veterinary Science students work in the lab.

To celebrate the extraordinary achievement of the College, Carmen Pampa Fund is providing the opportunity to honor inspiring women in our lives with a donation to the Fund. Each woman you honor with a tribute gift of $25 or more will receive a special handwritten card this month of March (Women´s Month) from a female UAC-CP student whose life has been transformed through education.

Women in the College´s Pre-University Program dressed in traditional costumes to dance the Tink'u.

Help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day and recognize the success of the College to promote women. Please consider honoring an inspiring woman in your life by making a gift to Carmen Pampa Fund. Your gift will help support scholarships for students and teacher and administrative salaries for women who work at the College.  Women honored with a gift of $25 or more will receive a special note from a female student at the UAC-CP.  Click here to make your gift!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

scholarship update

I truly believe that the most effective way to help students at the UAC-CP achieve success is by donating to Carmen Pampa Fund's Scholarship Partners Program.  And the results of our graduate survey indicates this--the overwhelming majority of UAC-CP graduates had scholarships. Scholarships allow students to study, graduate, and incorporate the mission of the College into their professional and personal lives.

Agronomy student Genia Santander Agramont (far right) pictured with her family is a recipient of a scholarship from Carmen Pampa Fund's Scholarship Partners Program. 

Unfortunately, due to funding cuts from several partner programs, the College is only able to provide 1 out of 10 students with some type of financial assistance. Though I like to think that we make it possible for everyone to study here, I sadly know some young people have dropped out of school based on purely financial reasons. In fact, it happened today.

The current CPF Scholarship Partners Program newsletter for Winter 2011 features two short profiles of UAC-CP students Ruber and Amparo, who are both examples of how a scholarships transform lives.  You can read their stories here online.

Many thanks to the people who donate to the Scholarship Partners Program--may you know the miracles you make happen.