Friday, November 18, 2011

gracias...for giving to the max

On Wednesday, November 16th, Carmen Pampa Fund participated in the third-annual Give to the Max Day--a special, 24-hour period to raise funds online to help support the College.

This year, thanks to 115 people who made donations and a special bonus gift of $5,000--CPF raised nearly $20,000 in just one day.  We are thrilled that 42% of the people who participated are former UAC-CP visitors or volunteers. 

Throughout the day many people provided words of encouragement and their own testimonials explaining why they Give to the Max. The following are just a few examples (more can be found on our Facebook page):

"To paraphrase Ghandi: 'UAC-CP students embody the change I want to see in this world." -Karen Ohmans, 2006 UAC-CP volunteer

"Our dollars go a long way at the UAC-CP, where opportunities are created and miracles witnessed every single day! I can't imagine a better investment. I am honored to be a small part of this ongoing success story." -Sue Wheeler, former Executive Director of CPF

"During my visits to the UAC-CP I have been so impressed with the dedication shown by its students, faculty, and staff. This is one of the best examples of doing things the right way, and I am proud to be a small part of the effort."  Norman O'Braaten, former UAC-CP visitor

"Over 7 years, I've witnessed the personal and professional development of hundreds of UAC-CP students. This university changes lives, including my own." -Mary Murphy, regular UAC-CP volunteer

"This is probably the most important charitable donation I make. I look forward to it every year. You do great work." Adrian Pullen, donor.

Think you missed your chance to Give to the Max? Think again! Donations are accepted year-round (just no matching bonus!).  Please visit:  to learn how you can help.