Monday, April 7, 2014

cpf board member brings unique experience

When Becky Monnens joined Carmen Pampa Fund's Board of Directors in 2013, she was no stranger to the cause.

As a volunteer at the College in Carmen Pampa from 2000-2003, Becky played an integral part of day to day operations. "I worked on development of projects and proposals with college staff and faculty, organized and coordinated visits from donors, partners (South Dakota State University, St. Catherine University, etc.) and others. I also was the staff advisor for the student-run food cooperative, occasionally taught English classes, managed the computer lab and other various tasks."
Becky pictured in 2001 with UAC-CP founder Sr. Damon Nolan. She volunteered at the College for three years.
The experience of volunteering at the College gave her a clear sense of self. "I learned so much about myself in those years that has continued to influence how I work and play in my life now."

In addition to sharing her time and talents with the College and Carmen Pampa Fund over the years, Becky has consistently been a generous donor.  "It's easy to donate to CPF because I know how incredibly useful my funds are in Carmen Pampa. I know how hard everyone at the College works to make good use of the funds. I've kept in touch with a number of students (now graduates) from the time I lived there. I know what a huge difference their education has made for not only them and their family, but also their communities. The effects of my funds multiply rapidly and for many years to come. You can't make a better investment than that."

Becky, Program Officer at The McKnight Foundation, makes one extra "easy" step to ensure that her employer matches her donations and volunteer time.
Becky gets an extra big return for her investment thanks to her employer, The McKnight Foundation. "My company matches both monetary donations and volunteer time.  I fill out a form that my company provides. This form is then verified and signed by CPF and returned to my company and a matching donation is made. It's a very easy process." Becky encourages other CPF donors to verify whether their employers provide matching gift options.

Why has Becky dedicated nearly half of her life to supporting the College and Carmen Pampa Fund? "The students," she said.  "It is rare that you experience the kind of dedication and hard work in a college student that is so common in UAC-CP students. Their drive to overcome poverty and a multitude of other obstacles is inspiring."