Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the daily traffic report

My days of battling rush hour traffic are long over. Now, aside from the occasional muddy road or flat tire, there is little that gets in the way of my daily commute to work here in the campo.

Ride up to Campus Leahy in the afternoon in the back of a camion.

Those who have visited the College know that the UAC-CP is composed of two campuses: Campus Manning (home to Veterinary Science, Nursing, Eco-Tourism, and the Volunteer House) and Campus Leahy (home to Agronomy, Elementary Ed, Pre-University, and the central administrative offices). The campuses, Manning at the “bottom” of the mountain and Leahy at the “top,” are connected by both a switchback road and a relatively steep footpath.

The UAC-CP provides rides to the upper campus every morning at 8 am and every afternoon after lunch at 1:45. But if I miss my ride or need to be on the upper campus early, I must rely on my trusty “all terrain” New Balances to bring me to my office.

Apart from the rainy days when I find myself poncho-less, I look forward to my commute home…on foot. I love the tranquility of walking home—sometimes accompanied by students or community members and sometimes accompanied by nothing more than my thoughts and the light of the stars and moon.

Whereas my commute home from work used to be something I would dread, it’s now one of the most relaxing* moments of my day.

*Assumes all barking and biting dogs are settled in for the night.

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