Saturday, May 23, 2009

favorite fotos

A few of my favorite photos that I've taken in the past five months...

The stone sign that greets us when we come around the bend on the "upper" campus. The first sight of this lets us know we're home.

UAC-CP student Beatrice Mamani at Tihuanaco, the ancient ruins on the Altiplano.

A house situation along the Choro Trail that we walked over Easter weekend. And what I think is Bolivia's national flower, the Cantuta--it has all three colors of Bolivia's flag.

UAC-CP Ecotourism students participate in an adventure tourism course in January.

Ingrid, a Nursing student at the College, waited with me for several hours one Sunday for a ride to Coroico...before I finally gave up and went back inside the Volunteer House.

Coffee beans piled up in a leaf in the College's cafetal.  This particular day, students were selecting quality beans to be used for cultivating new plants.

Agronomy students line up before the College's inaugural mass at the beginning of the 2009 school year.

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