Friday, August 28, 2009

anonymous donor

A couple months ago as I made a late-night check of my e-mail, I found a heartwarming note in my inbox. The message was from one of our UAC-CP graduates...and I think it's worth sharing as it demonstrates, in her own, unsolicited words, how the College is, for many of our students, more than just an institution of higher education that passes out degrees. And why, because of that, she feels so inspired to give back.

Though I'm working to convince her otherwise, the graduate has asked that she remain anonymous. So, without her name, I'm sharing the original e-mail she sent me on May 28th, 2009:*

Sarita, I'm writing to tell you that recently God has shown me grace in different forms, and thanks to that I have learned that each morning I open my eyes it is a new opportunity that God has blessed me with in order to continue breathing, living, and creating.

Until now, I haven't found a way in which I can show my thanks and appreciation for each new opportunity that presents itself in each new day.

I know that the UAC-CP, where I learned to value many things, isn't in the best of financial moments and I would like to return to the College what it gave to me--the opportunity to learn to be a person that feels, thinks, and lives.

I know that I can't help with a lot, but maybe I can support one young man or young woman who has financial difficulty with the ability to pay his/her monthly tuition and registration fees. I know that it isn't a lot, and if you think of a better way that this money could serve others, let me know. I am here to serve you.
At the beginning of this semester, the UAC-CP scholarship committee selected a young man in the Pre-University Program to receive this new scholarship--which the College named the "UAC-CP Graduate Scholarship." (We hope this special fund will continue to grow as other UAC-CP graduates feel called to give back to the College.) When I wrote to tell our graduate about the young man selected to be the beneficiary of her gift and thank her again for her generosity, she responded:*

Dear Sarah, it is with much pleasure that I'm helping to pay education costs. Thank your for the information...

I welcome your gratitude, but to the contrary--thank you for allowing me to continue to be a part of this beautiful family that is the UAC-CP. I think that right now we are in difficult financial times and, just as any other family, we must always be there for each other in the difficult moments--as we will be there on the front lines for one another in the good times, too.

Hugs and don't forget that all of you are always in my prayers,

*I translated her notes from Spanish to English.

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Stacy said...

Wow. This is amazing. The warms my fund-raising heart.