Tuesday, September 8, 2009

picture pages

When I asked my friend Kelly, who recently spent a week as a visitor at the College, what she liked best about her experience in Bolivia, she said, "The people."

The following are a few pictures of the people--whose mere presence and character add flavor to the UAC-CP.

A mix of Nursing, Veterinary Science, and Ecotourism students on Campus Manning. Approximately 250 students live on the College's lower campus.

First-year Nursing student Jose Luis Gomez with his father outside their home in Carura--a 7-8 hour drive (pieced together with public mobility) from the UAC-CP. The family hosted Hugh, his sister Paula, and me for three days in July.

Sr. Jean Morrissey, one of several Franciscan Sisters who has taught students at the College throughout the last 16 years. Above, Sr. Jean is pictured with three UAC-CP "products" at various stages in their academic careers--Victor, a current Nursing student, Piter, a thesis student, and Aldo, a graduate.

Pre-University Students, all wielding machetes, take a break from clearing bush along the road between the upper and lower campuses as part of their community service work. Seventy-four students are enrolled in the Pre-University Program this semester--52 women and 22 men.

Future UAC-CP students? Vladimir and Max, the sons of UAC-CP graduates, are good friends and playmates.

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