Friday, March 19, 2010

nursing department anniversary

Today the College's Nursing Department celebrated its anniversary with a special mass followed by the capping, pinning, and candle lighting ceremony.

Nearly all of the 153 Nursing students registered in the program this semester were dressed in their crisp, white nursing uniforms. With friends, family, and community members seated toward the back, UAC-CP Nursing students sat attentively in the front of the church as they listened to UAC-CP leadership speak about the importance of their vocation and the need for their services in Bolivia's rural area. "You have been called to be instruments of peace and love," UAC-CP Director Fr. Freddy told them.

The following are pictures from today's ceremony...

UAC-CP Nursing student Flora Mamani.

William Apaza receives his candle and lantern in honor of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale.

Twenty-three Nursing students were presented with their caps and candles. They're pictured here with UAC-CP Director Fr. Freddy del Villar, UAC-CP President Msgr. Juan Vargas, Director of the Nursing Department Lidia Cuevas, and recently retired UAC-CP staff member (and beloved father figure) Donato Monrroy who was presented with a plaque in honor of his long-time dedication to the Nursing Department.

UAC-CP Vice Director, Dr. Hugh Smeltekop, and UAC-CP Nursing students.

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