Friday, May 14, 2010

the aguayo

"Like monochrome cords of yarn--when combined and woven into cloth they become something far more useful and beautiful than the yarn itself." --Dr. Hugh Smeltekop, UAC-CP Vice Director

The theme of Carmen Pampa Fund's 2009 Annual Report focused on the aguayo--the colorful and durable multipurpose fabric that dots the Bolivian landscape and is used for both practical and decorative purposes in daily life. But, as the introductory letter explains:

The aguayo is more than just a practical multipurpose piece of cloth. The vibrant colors and intridcate designs that are woven with care from hand-spun wool, have traditionally provided a way for indigenous people to tell stories, record histories, convey emotions, and express dreams. Aguayos have historically served as a form of expression for people who otherwise had no voice.

The aguayo is woven together with different colors and dimensions of yarn to create a bigger masterpiece. It reminds us that the Unidad Académica Campesina-Carmen Pampa (UAC-CP) is more than just a College. The UAC-CP’s unique curriculum, which weaves academics, production, research, service, and leadership formation, helps students find their color, their stitch, and their design. It prepares young men and women to integrate their individual designs so that they can serve as a vibrant, unique and practical response to the needs of Bolivia’s rural poor.

If you missed it, check out Carmen Pampa Fund's 2009 Annual Report online. The stories and pictures of graduates, students, faculty, volunteers, and institutional partners remind us that we're all part of this amazing tapestry!

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