Tuesday, September 21, 2010

graduate update: agustin apaza

Agustin Apaza is a 2009 UAC-CP Nursing graduate whose life story and ear to ear smile I find personally inspiring. He is a young Bolivian man who has overcome literally life-threatening odds to achieve what some may have once considered the impossible.

I wrote about Agustin last December--the obstacles he's faced, the experiences that have shaped his life, and his dream to help other people. "I think each of us has a mission," he told me last year. "And this is my mission--to reduce the pain and suffering of other people." His dream, Agustin confessed, would be to work with Doctor's Without Borders, get international experience, and then eventually someday return to the College to teach and share his experiences with other young Bolivians like him. (Click here to read Agustin's story published last December)

So I was particularly touched last week when I learned from Agustin via a Facebook e-mail that he is realizing his dream--and the mission of the College--to serve the poor. He wrote:

Greetings from Honduras!

Hello, dear Sarah. How are you? Where are are you??

Since I left the College I have been working with Doctors Without Borders. I worked with them throughout Bolivia and then I went with them to Guatemala on an emergency medical mission. Right now I am doing another emergency mission trip with Doctors Without Borders in Honduras where we are working with the dengue epidemic.

It's been really amazing to travel and get to know so many places and distinct cultures. Of course I am also running some risks in the sense that these Central American countries can be very dangerous--we encounter a lot of insecurity, crime, and wars between rival gangs on a daily basis. I miss Bolivia very much and will be returning there soon.

I hope you are doing very well. I also send hugs and kisses to Sr. Damon. I always keep you both in my heart. Thanks to everyone at the College, I am a professional and I am able to help the people most in need.

Much love,
Agustin Apaza

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