Monday, February 7, 2011

testify! ...for a new website

Carmen Pampa Fund has the opportunity to participate in The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge on March 26th and 27th.  It's a 24-hour challenge for web pros to build websites for Minnesota-based non-profits who could use a facelift.

Carmen Pampa Fund wants to be part of this challenge...but we need your help, we need your testimonials (part of the selection for participating non-profits is based on testimonials).

Please take just dos minutos to visit: and leave a brief message about why Carmen Pampa Fund deserves a full day at the website spa.

Already several people have shared beautiful messages.  The following are two special messages from former volunteers Chris DeLorenzo (2010) and Anne McGinness (2004).  To read other peoples' testimonies, you'll have to visit the site!

"Carmen Pampa's story needs to be told. Education in the global South is an often-overlooked but absolutely essential area of international development. The marginalized classes of the developing world need professionals and leaders from among their ranks. As a volunteer teacher at the UAC-CP last semester, I have seen the profound impact this institution has had on its small corner of Bolivia. I have worked day-to-day with students determined to return to their villages as professionals and agents of change, and I have visited communities where graduates are promoting very real and practical development. Carmen Pampa is truly an exceptional place.

Yet it still has many critical needs. The College is perpetually running on limited funds, struggling to keep the lights on and the copy machines running. Finding qualified professors, particularly for the English program, can be very challenging due to the university's limited visibility in Bolivia and internationally. A new, dynamic and attention-grabbing website would go a long way in remedying these shortcomings. My students certainly deserve it."  --Chris DeLorenzo

"I was a volunteer at the UAC for a year in 2004. The experience changed my life. Sr. Damon [UAC-CP founder], the administration, teachers, and students work every day toward fulfilling the dream upon which the school was founded: to provide education to those who would not normally have access to education, so that the students might give back to their communities the skills they learned in pedagogy, veterinary science, agriculture, nursing, and tourism.

This is an institution that works every day to eliminate poverty. Inspired by the Greek word, metanoia, the community at Carmen Pampa works daily toward a conversion, a complete reorientation of the mind and heart into faith, hope and a better life."  --Anne McGinness

Thanks to everyone who has left a testimonial on the The Nerdery!

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