Saturday, January 17, 2009

"mi querida universidad"

Last month I sent out a mass e-mail to UAC-CP graduates asking them to respond to a few basic questions like: Where are you currently living? What do you do for work? Have you continued studying? How do you believe you are realizing the mission of the UAC-CP in both your professional and personal life?

I purposely left the final question of my on-line inquisition open-ended by asking them to share anything that they hadn't already addressed in their previous answers. And, as I had hoped, the vague questioning led to some beautifully written comments.

A couple days ago I received the following message from UAC-CP Veterinary graduate Miguel Angel Quisbert that I thought was worth sharing:

"The truth is, I consider myself a very fortunate person and give thanks to God for having been able to study at the UAC-CP.

I also give thanks to Sr. Damon Nolan who instilled me with great values. During my life at the College I experienced both very sad and extremely happy times and Sr. Damon was always at my side to give me the support that I very much needed in those moments. I believe that without her support, I would not be who I am today.

I know that behind Sr. Damon existed many people who supported her dream to build the College. I believe that without their support, nothing would've been possible. Because of them, I was able to study at the UAC-CP with the help of a scholarship. For that reason, I also give thanks to the Carmen Pampa Fund and other institutions and people who have supported me and the UAC-CP.

I give many thanks to all the people who made and continue to make the UAC-CP a reality."

Today, Miguel wrote, he is working as a consultant and advisor in the elaboration of plans with Nueva Economía--work that has brought him back to the College where he has given presentations and workshops about how to create business plans for current students, faculty, and staff. Miguel also teaches a course at Loyola University in La Paz and works with Dr. Roger Carvajal Saravia, the ex-vice minister of science and technology, on a project to develop protocol for bio-experimental medicine.

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