Friday, January 9, 2009

UAC-ing for a Cause

On Monday, January 12th, despite the threat of potential torrential downpours (it is the rainy season), I'm lacing up my sneakers and beginning a two day trek on the Ecovia trail.  I'll be accompanied by two visitors from the U.S. (Tara Nolan and Kimberly Lane) and a handful of UAC-CP students. 

Lugging along tents, sleeping bags, food, and water, we're hiking the Ecovia to raise awareness for the Carmen Pampa Fund's Scholarship Partners Program which provides scholarships to some of our most needy and deserving students here at the College.  In addition to raising awareness, we're also hoping to raise money for the Scholarship Partners Program. 

At the moment, Kimberly and I are in a fierce competition to determine who can raise the most money!  I'm hoping to raise at least $2,000--the actual cost for a student to study and live at the UAC-CP for one year.  Currently, I'm at a whopping $1,075!!! But still, I'm trailing Kimberly "just a little" in the dollar department...and she seems to think that the "loser" has to carry the other person's pack.  As Kimberly is a bit more high maintenance than I, there is no way I'm carrying her enormous pack!!!  So I'm putting one final call for help out there.

Please consider supporting my walk!  Donations can easily and securely be made at or click on the link on my blog under "donate."

Thanks to those who have already given!  Assuming I survive the hike (under the weight of Kimberly's pack), I'll post wild tales and pictures of our journey some time next week.

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