Saturday, February 7, 2009

family reunion: registration

Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end.  Yesterday and today both new and returning students formed long lines outside of administrative offices where UAC-CP staff are frantically working to register the anticipated 700* young people who are coming to begin the 2009 school year.

UAC-CP thesis student and administrator Dany Chambilla registers a student for classes.

Students wait in line to register for classes. Some students told me they had been camped out since 4am to be the first in line.  

While classes officially begin on Tuesday, students are required to come a few days early.  The early birds get their first choice of dormitory space and the piece of mind in knowing that all their paperwork is in order and they are set to begin classes.  

Three wooden chests sit outside the Pre-University dorm. Unlike college moving day in the U.S. (as I remember it), most students here come with everything packed in a box or giant bag.

Though the lines have been long and the entire process a bit tedious, students pass the time chatting, catching up on all that has happened since they were last together.  "What did you do during vacation?" was the most common question I heard yesterday as I walked around and welcomed students (back) to Carmen Pampa!  

"It kind of feels like one giant family reunion," fifth semester Agronomy student Policarpio Mamani said when I asked him about having to wait in line.  "It's fun to see everyone again!"

The first day of classes for the 2009 academic year begin on Tuesday, February 10th.

*This number includes UAC-CP thesis students who must also register at the College.  It also includes the approximate 160 new students that the UAC-CP is expecting to receive.

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