Sunday, February 15, 2009

how to make a hot dog--UAC style

Though we tend to not eat very much meat in our house, I am definitely a carnivore.  I like meat.  

But here in Bolivia, experiences and warnings have caused me to declare one rule by which I attempt to abide: only eat meat that hasn't been ground or potentially mixed with "something" else; only eat meat that can easily identify the animal from which it originated.  So while I do love a good hamburger, here I much prefer Andy's lentil burgers over "real" beef ones.

That said, I do have one exception to the rule: UAC-CP produced products.  The College's meat factory processes both pork and chicken products. Staffed by UAC-CP students working their scholarship or community service hours, the meat factory makes sausages, sliced ham, smoked ribs, cold cuts, hot dogs, etc.  

I've visited the factory and watched them process meat from start to finish.  While I'm generally not a hot dog fan, I'm confident enough in the meat factory's sanitary conditions and process that I have, on rare occasion, eaten salchipapas (sliced hot dogs with french fries)...though, not nearly as often as "the boys" (volunteers Andy Engel and Sam Clair).

The following is how to make a hot dog--UAC-CP style--in pictures...

The College sells its products (meats, coffee, and vegetables) under the brand name SUMA which, I've been told, means "delicious" or "the best" in Aymara.

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Nathan K said...

Don't even try to tell me that Andy's lentil burgers are better than mine, with a great table spoon of vegemite mixed in! Although i admit that i still shiver when i remember the ground beef (minced meat!) i boldy (stupidly?) tried to make burritos with...shit that was bad.

Hope you're well Sarita :-)