Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day: dia de la tierra

Happy Earth Day desde Carmen Pampa!

Though I knew she was cooking something up to honor Pachamama (Mother Earth), I was still pleasantly surprised when UAC-CP volunteer Jean Lechtenberg waltzed into the dining room this morning dressed as Pachamama herself!

Jean dressed up as Pachamama for Earth Day.

From floral crown to tie-dyed shoes (with the traditional Bolivian chola skirt in between), Jean made the rounds today reminding UAC-CP students, faculty, and staff to respect Mother Earth by putting garbage where it belongs.  An important lesson in Bolivia where garbage is often tossed out the window of passing vehicles, dumped in local rivers and streams, or dropped on the ground without much of a second thought.

I'd like to think that the UAC-CP could be considered a local leader with the installation of its recycling centers and work in local schools and communities to teach about recycling and waste management, but we also have a long way to go as we work to incorporate these lessons into the daily habits of our UAC-CP and Carmen Pampa community members...and beyond.

Jean carried this bucket that says in both Spanish and Aymara: "Don't throw your garbage on the ground."

So thanks to Jean for the very memorable reminder today that we all need to pitch in and care for Mother Earth...she's the only Pachamama we've got.

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