Tuesday, April 21, 2009

el consejo

Tomorrow I return to La Paz to make some special deliveries to the airport. I'll be bidding farewell to Sue Wheeler, Interim Executive Director of Carmen Pampa Fund; Ann Leahy, UAC-CP co-founder and current CPF board chair; and Nadine Leahy, Ann's daughter-in-law--a first-time visitor to Bolivia.

As representatives of Carmen Pampa Fund, Ann and Sue joined us at the College for the bi-annual Joint Planning and Oversight Council--an advisory council composed of people who represent CPF, UAC-CP, the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, and the Bolivian community.  

Former Bolivian ambassador to the U.S., Jorge Crespo, sits next to Sr. Maureen Coyle, a Franciscan Missionary Sister of the Immaculate Conception living in Peru.  Both are members of the consejo.

Together, a group of nine people come to the table (literally covered with the traditional Bolivian awayu cloth) to share information about the successes and challenges of each partnering institution.  One of the group's most primary goals is to maintain a flow of healthy and transparent communication between the College and the St. Paul-based fundraising arm of the College.  At the culmination of three days, the consejo makes joint goals for projects based on a six-month timeline.

Sue Wheeler, Ann Leahy, and Bishop Juan Vargas listen as UAC-CP director, Fr. Freddy, explains the significance of apt api in Aymaran culture.

Today was the final day of meetings for the group.  They adjourned at 1pm and were welcomed by UAC-CP's 54 administrators for a traditional apt api--a potluck in Aymaran culture.  There, they had the opportunity to taste many traditional foods, like: fried yucca, charqui, rellenos, plantain, and (my least favorite) chuño.  Especially considering traditional Aymaran culture, it was the perfect way to end the Fund's week-long visit.

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