Saturday, June 6, 2009

jornada scientífica

Yesterday afternoon the UAC-CP's Research Institute hosted its bi-annual jornada scientífica--a public, science exposition of student research projects. 

Groups representing all five of the College's academic departments (Nursing, Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, Ecotourism, and Education) presented various investigative work they had done during the past semester.

Fr. Freddy stands with Agronomy students waiting to present their research findings to the judges.

Before the four invited judges started evaluating each group's work, Fr. Freddy, Director of the UAC-CP, spoke to the student body about the importance of research.  He said that the Research Institute is a core component of the College; it works to fulfill the vision of the Unidad to create change and development; and to provide answers and solutions that lift people out of poverty. 

A Nursing student explains the results of an experiement in which she and a classmate determined that by using the roots of the Motacue tree, commonly found in the Alto Beni (and, I learned, some parts of Carmen Pampa), one can effectively treat certain human parasites.

A crowd gathers behind two of the judges to listen to students explain their research project.  Approximately 20 groups of 2-5 students each shared their investigative work.

Some Ecotourism students did a study to determine the effects of tourism on the natural environment.

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Sarah - I wish all of the well! Please let me know how Maritza is doing - I'm praying for her to make her deadline.

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