Saturday, June 27, 2009

school's out...for winter

It honestly does seem like just last week I was blogging about students arriving for the beginning of the semester. Which is why I can hardly believe that the end of the first semester has already arrived.

Concentrating: UAC-CP student Maria Nela León.

Today students are finishing up with final exams and professors are frantically grading papers and filling out their planillas (class grading sheets). Though some exams extend into next week, most students will be finished by the end of today which means they're packing up their things and preparing to leave for winter break. 

Agronomy students looking over the schedule for second semester classes which start in about three weeks.

By next weekend, things will be pretty quiet around here...for a short while.  Winter vacation only lasts for about three weeks; students will be back at the end of July to begin classes on the 28th!

Pre-University students packing up their belongings and saying goodbye before leaving for winter vacation.

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