Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloweeny birthday

At the moment, there are 10 of us living together in community here in Carmen Pampa.  Some of us work as administrators at the College, some of us teach classes, and some of us do both.

All of us are usually pretty busy, always going in different directions.  For that very reason, there is a large dry erase board on the wall in the kitchen that helps us all stay connected despite the comings and goings.  (For the past two days the most prominent notes have read: "Has anyone seen the plunger?" and "Could someone please check on the status of the gas tanks that were sent into Coroico?" )

A post-dinner picture of the volunteer house gang.  In the back row, left to right: Sam Clair, Andy Engel, Hugh Smeltekop, Bill Wrobleski, and Dan Lechtenberg.  In the front row: Lee Lechtenberg, Mary Murphy, and Tanya Kerssen.  (Not pictured:  Jean Lechtenberg and yours truly--the picture taker)

But tonight, we had nearly the whole crew together at the table to celebrate volunteer Andy Engel's birthday.  The youngest in the house, he turns 23-years-old tomorrow.  

Andy shows off his Happy Birthday sash and toots his party favor.

I signed up to cook with the intention of making pizza, but limited supplies made way for a change in the menu.  Instead, I prepared a colorful vegetable stir fry, all the ingredients picked fresh from the UAC-CP's garden this afternoon.  

Volunteers Lee Lechtenberg and his son Dan complimented my meal with dessert: chocolate mousse and homemade wafer cookies presented in champagne glasses with a mini flag bearing birthday wishes.  Andy, adorned with a Happy Birthday sash, blew out a jack-o-lantern candle and humored us with an unrehearsed, yet harmonic rendition of "The Birthday Song."  

¡Feliz Carmen Pampa Cumpleaños, Andres!

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