Monday, October 27, 2008

monday, monday

To accommodate people who need to travel to La Paz to conduct business, classes at the UAC-CP are held Tuesday through Saturday.  Sunday is a free day and Monday is generally a work day.  

 Mondays are a popular day for doing laundry.  Thankfully today is a beautiful day and anything washed this morning should be dry by early evening.

So, today is the day when students who have scholarships work around campus on a variety of projects: cleaning, construction, grounds crew, etc.  Those who stay on campus over the weekend, but don't have work-study jobs or have completed their required 80 hours of trabajo comunitario--the community work required of all students--often spend their Mondays doing homework or catching up on laundry. 

A student in the pre-university program sifts cement for a campus construction project.  He has a CFCA scholarship and must work 60 hours per semester.

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