Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new eyes

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."  --Marcel Proust

Morning view of the volunteer house and the church taken from the Sisters' chapel

View of Coroico 

I'm always grateful for the people who come to visit us in Carmen Pampa--and not just because they bring the token gifts of peanut butter, chocolate, and parmesan cheese.  Visitors also bring new eyes, fresh ways of looking at things.  They have a way of pointing out details in the Bolivian campo that, while those of us who live here more permanently have come to find very ordinary, are actually quite extraordinary.

A local chola woman wearing the traditional full skirt, long braids, and bowler hat walks down the road to Carmen Pampa carrying a colorful awayu on her back and a bag of coca in her hand

Tonight, one of our short-term visitors, Mary Beth, showed me some of the photos she's taken during her two week visit.   Admiring Bolivia through her lens, I realized that she just took pictures of the things that are really quite average--the things  I don't generally consider photographing; the things I will miss most when I'm not here.

Kudos to Mary Beth for allowing me to share some of the everyday wonders of Carmen Pampa through her eyes.

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mary lens said...

We visited Coroico last year. What views we had of the surrounding mountains. It was a refreshing change from La Paz. My sister-in-law was born there and all of us are in the U.S.A. now.